Top Priority

Health & Safety

Terra Core Rentals is committed to the health and well-being to our most important asset, our employees. Through active leadership and compliance with industry and government standards, our management provides a safe and beneficial work site to all of our employees. Terra Core Rentals takes pride in our personnel having all the HS&E and operational training/ certification to provide the service and equipment that is expected from our customers. With this approach, it is expected that all employees who perform work on the part of Terra Core Rental will complete their activities without personal injury, occupational illness and damage to the environment or loss of physical asset.

It is our goal to maintain the highest standards possible and to be the industry leader in our business, it is expected that our employees will actively participate in our safety and environmental programs that will perform all job functions in a manner which protects themselves, co-workers, the general public, the environment and the assets of the company.


Regularly scheduled intense and methodical inspections of all Terra Core Rentals Ltd., VAC Division and Tool Division equipment are carried out on a regularly basis.

Educate & Empower

All Terra Core Rentals, VAC Division and Tool Division personnel are given the knowledge, skills, and equipment to help ensure a safe workplace. Everyone is responsible for hazard identification accident prevention and is empowered to act in the interest of safety of the environment.


Prescribed methods and procedures maximize productivity and minimize risk. Continuous reviews of workplace procedures are a collective and on-going effort between field and operations personnel.



Our goals can be met without risking the environment. Terra Core Rentals is committed to protecting the communities it serves and conducts all operations within regulatory compliance. We expect that those around us do their best to prevent harm to the environment, the wildlife, and themselves. Terra Core Rentals has developed a program of standards in accordance with all relevant legislation and has taken the steps required to ensure that they are fully practiced and enforced. Proper usage, storage, and disposal of materials are never compromised. Terra Core Rentals reduces hazardous waste through reusing, recovering, and recycling whenever possible. When this is not possible, proper treatment methods to render the materials nonhazardous are used to ensure safe disposal. Employees of Terra Core Rentals are trained to do their jobs in a manner with minimal environmental harm and waste of materials. The use of recycled products is encouraged whenever possible. Activities performed by our employees, contractors, and subcontractors endeavor to exceed applicable Provincial and Federal regulations together with accepted industry standards.


Aboriginal Awareness

Terra Core Rentals is committed to collaborating with communities in areas where we operate and building an understanding of their history and culture to strengthen our working relationship.

Our company is committed to working with our business partners and community stakeholder. We have developed strong relationships we are proud of. We have developed local employment and training programs in an effort to understand the importance of these desired objectives.